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Tom Milocani

Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Coach


Tom is a personal trainer with a background in competitive 5-a-side football, accompanied by a broader exposure to multiple sports from an early age: Swimming, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Cross-Country Running. Tom is still engaged in a lifelong journey made of constantly mastering new skills and practicing new sports (Bouldering and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu being the latest), putting his fitness to the test while keeping the process as fun as possible.

Tom helps his clients to achieve their fitness goals by making "movement quality" a priority, giving them a chance to be successful at their favourite training style or sport, while feeling good and staying healthy in the process. Tom has the knowledge to expose his clients to several different training styles, knowing that there are multiple paths to achieve the same fitness goal and being aware that having fun during training is an essential component of long-term consistency. Tom has the ambition to make his clients fall in love with training and never seeing it as a chore ever again.

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