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Do you finally want to get fit and lose the excess weight you're carrying? Or build muscle to make you feel stronger and more toned? Need a little extra help? The advanced level personal trainers at Synergy Studio can help you achieve your goals.

Corrective exercise, back pain and posture
Corrective exercise training is very important but often overlooked. Your body must be carefully assessed before you embark on an exercise programme. Fewer than one in 10% of our clients have good posture during their initial assessment. We help them correct muscle imbalances, improve posture and alleviate pain all while helping them to achieve their fitness, weight loss or sports specific goals. This drastically reduces the chance of injury.

Health & lifestyle issues
Many factors impact on our health such as nutrition, lifestyle and exercise. We offer advice and training on a range of conditions including high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, constipation, skin problems, abdominal bloating, low energy, reduction of cellulite and fibromyalgia.

Strength and conditioning

Are you training for a sport (running, cycling, triathlons etc) or would generally like to be stronger? Strength and conditioning is the careful planning and periodisation of your of strength movements like deadlift, squat, press, as well as Olympic lifts (clean and jerk and snatch), if necessary to get you stronger. Accompanied by other assistance lifts and movements. 

Synergy personal trainers have a combination of exercise, nutrition, massage and other rehab related qualifications which give them a superior understanding of problems faced by our clients and how they should be trained.

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