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Personal Trainer
Massage Therapist
Running coach


Diploma in Personal Training (Level 3 Advanced)
Premiere Training International - London Academy   
Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy           Premiere Training International - London Academy

Gianluigi specialises in:

  • Cardio Training (Preparation for Endurance Events)

  • Running (training and technique)

  • Weight management

  • Strength and Conditioning

Gianluigi has been working as a personal trainer in the UK since 2007, he gets his passion for fitness from having the experience as a competitive athlete. He has competed in Triathlons at a national level for many years and this is what drove Gianluigi to make physical conditioning his career. His main areas of expertise are fat loss and cardio training. Gianluigi helps clients to effectively manage their body weight and achieve their goals by using a varying range of training methods tailored to the client.

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