CrossFit North London is a centre that focuses on small group personal training for everyone from people wanting to lose weight and tone up, kids training, post natal mums to 60 plus clients and athletes. The coached sessions can be scaled (reduced or increased for your level of ability). Synergy studio works closely with CrossFit North London. CrossFit is complementary to the 1-2-1 personal training that happens at Synergy studio. Instead of advising our clients to go to a normal gym, we can trust our clients are getting varied, functional sessions in between their weekly 1-2-1 sessions.

Unlike other group classes, you warm up and practice a skill (working on technique of a particular movement or exercise), loosen tight or tense muscles with mobility work. Then you will have an intense WOD (workout of the day) lasting from anything from 5min to 30min and can include; weights, gymnastics and cardio. Finally you can work on some drills and cool down. This structure means it resembles a personal training session with specific focus on correcting your weaknesses, tightnesses and imbalances. The small group element of CrossFit North London means you pay less than a 1-2-1 personal training session and can do it more often. The variety means you will never be bored and will never need to go to the gym to train on a boring crosstrainer ever again!

The CrossFit assessments and 1-2-1 foundation sessions are usually performed at Synergy Studio.

Check out the CrossFit North London website below: