We work very closely a number of different therapist. If you’re not sure how serious your injury is or just have a question about a niggle, please email us and we can suggest where to start.


Sports massage

The application of soft and deep tissue massage to relieve a heavy, tired feelings and aches and pains in the body.

Sports massage is not just for sports people, it is a style of massage that is specific to the individual and the issues they have instead of a routine. Soft and deep tissue massage improves the performance of individual muscles by increasing the benefits of training and preventing injury, while also improving optimum health. Deep tissue massage works on specific areas of the body to alleviate tension and remove knots.

Benefits of massage therapy include:

- reduced muscle tension

- increased range of movement

- improved posture

- formation of strong mobile scar tissue

- general relaxation

- endorphin production – the feelgood factor!

Regular treatments will leave you with greater energy, flexibility and functional muscle balance which will in turn help prevent injury and enhance performance.

We have an excellent Sports massage therapist called Steven who helps clients keep a supple, stress free body to be able to exercise and get through life painlessly. Sports massage can eliminate tension and help improve injury healing time and prevent future injuries.