• 1st Class BSc with Hons, Sports & Exercise Science 

  • Masters By Research: Sports Biomechanics (ACL injuries)

  • PT Academy Level 2 Fitness instructor 

  • PT Academy Level 3 Personal trainer 

  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist 

  • UKSCA Weight Lifting 

  • UKMF Certified Pad Holder 

  • Level 1 & 2 Muay Thai coach

Specialises in

  • Strength & Conditioning 

  • Corrective Exercise 

  • Muay Thai

  • Pre and Postnatal 

  • Nutrition 

Nez has an extensive background in the science of sports and exercise and biomechanics of human movement. She has a 1st class degree in Sports and Exercise Science and a Published Masters by Research in Sports Biomechanics/Knee injuries. This has allowed her to specialise further in Corrective Exercise, Rehabilitation from a wide variety of injuries (sports & non-sports related) and Strength & Conditioning. Nez is extremely passionate about getting clients pain free, moving more efficiently whilst strengthening and correcting muscular imbalances. You can expect a thorough, scientific and specialised approach to training clients. 


Being a Mum herself she also knows what it takes to continue training whilst pregnant and how to get your body back into shape post-partum. She has trained a number of clients throughout pregnancy and helped them regain strength back after birth. The hardest thing after giving birth is often trying to find the balance between baby and “me” time, Nez has many insightful tips to help you get back to training, eating healthily and finding your way back to regular exercise. 


Nez also packs a kick and punch. For over 8 years she has been practising Muay Thai. Her passion for this beautiful martial art has seen her fight in some of the Stadiums of Thailand where the sport originates. Nez and her husband (3x World champion) have developed Thai Fit which is a formatted training method combining the basics of Muay Thai and HIIT into a 1 hour lung busting class. She is extremely passionate about bringing this intense full body workout to her class members. 


With over 12 years of experience as a personal trainer, Nez carries a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you get your body where it needs to be!


44 Tottenham Ln, Hornsey, London N8 7EA, UK

020 8347 0630


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