“I see training and being careful about what I eat as a long-term investment – investing in my health, my body and my future. I couldn’t have done it on my own and I have tried a lot of methods and failed miserably. Do one thing today, speak to the friendly experts at Synergy Studio. They will change your life!”

Clare Stevens, 42, Crouch End

“When I first met Sarra I was dubious about the benefits of a personal trainer – but now I can’t recommend her highly enough! I weighed 12 ½ stone, was a size 16 and had a difficultly walking due to hip and ankle injuries.

I felt quite daunted at the idea of getting back to basic physical fitness. Over the course of three months Sarra provided me with a variety of workouts that met my needs and stretched me but never asked me what I couldn’t accomplish.

As a result my confidence and strength gradually grew. I am now 11st 3lbs and have got back into a pair of size 12 cords I was about to throw out.”

Ingrid Rodgers, 35, Islington

“Three months ago I was contemplating reaching my ‘half century’ and was almost resigned to weight-gain and fatigue. I am semi-vegetarian (only eggs and fish, no red meat or chicken) and my main concern was my general health.

I have been consistently against ‘diets.’ What is the point – the pounds would always slowly creep back. To make matter worse, I was temporarily restricted with walking following an accident.

Then, at a dinner party, somebody started talking about the metabolic type way of living recommended by her nutritional expert. I went to see the nutritional specialist at Synergy studio, started a new way of eating and, after just six weeks I couldn’t believe how effective the plan was.

No more bloating, I love eating again, I’m not depressed any longer and I have so much energy and enthusiasm again. I want to live until I am 90!

The best part is I’m down to size 10 (started at a good size 14). I’m not dieting, I have just changed the way I live. Many, many thanks to Sarra for her dedication and motivation.”

Michelle Lynn Brignon, 50, Crouch End