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Corrective exercise part 2- I’m just getting old!

We get really frustrated when a 30-45 year old client says “yes i have a a few aches and pains, but they are age related”. Between those ages (and mostly in our experience, into the 60s) ages related aches and pains don’t exist. What they are feeling is tightness, weakness, poor posture related issues. While time and therefore “age” will make you feel like you are acquiring things, this is mostly due to lack of proper physical training, lack of knowledge and previous injuries.

If you exercised as a child, teenager or at university, chances are you built up some muscle strength, some tightness and the odd injury. A general trend of sedentary life occurs during the late twenties and early thirties while you build a career and some of those strong muscles will have been lost. Sitting at a desk will have tightened you up even more, leaving you weaker and tighter, this will easily lead to aches and pains (shoulders, lower back, knees etc). This is just one example that can be applied to most people.

Lack of knowledge is the most common, people will usually do a stint in a gym, prescribing their own routine, going to classes or trying to play a sport. What you choose to do in a gym is unlikely going to be a) what you need or b) good for you. We tend to pick things to do in the gym that we like and can do, when we should be picking things that are more challenging and helping us get better. That is why a lot of people start the gym January 1st and give up their boring, resultless routine by February 1st.

Previous injuries- that time you sprained your ankle, broke your wrist, pulled your back, woke up with a crick neck, these are all examples of things that affect which leg or arm becomes dominant, which side you have muscle imbalances on and what future problems, injuries and aches and pains you will have.

But this is not your fault, you are not meant to know how to do all this, we are! For this same reason, i don’t cut my own hair, i go to the hairdresser, I have an accountant, osteopath, solicitor and financial advisor.