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Corrective exercise part 3- Why do I need a corrective coach?

It all depends on what state you come to us in! If you have a lot of aches and pains, old injuries, current injuries, we may take a few more sessions to ‘fix’ you before we start putting you through your paces. Some people are patient and understand the longer process back to good health [...]

Corrective exercise part 2- I’m just getting old!

We get really frustrated when a 30-45 year old client says “yes i have a a few aches and pains, but they are age related”. Between those ages (and mostly in our experience, into the 60s) ages related aches and pains don’t exist. What they are feeling is tightness, weakness, poor posture related issues. While [...]

Corrective exercise Part 1- Are all personal trainers the same?

Corrective exercise Part 1- Are all personal trainers the same? At Synergy Studio we do things a little different. Instead of just training people in a normal personal training style, we look into what we need to fix. Most people have aches and pains and tightnesses that need to be corrected. Some exercises could be [...]

Why we eat Paleo

Why we eat Paleo

Why we eat Paleo Over the last 12 years of training clients we have seen many fad diets come and go. From South Beach diet to the most recent 5:2 diet and Dukan. The one way of eating that we have evolved to eating and recommending is the Paleo “diet”. Now we put the diet [...]

The Whole 30 in January!

The Whole 30 in January!

The Whole 30 is a Clean eating/ Paleo approach to changing your bad food habits that has worked amazingly on our clients. It involves eating only quality protein (meat, fish and eggs), carbohydrates (greens, starchy root veg and some fruit) and good fats (olives, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil etc) and removing sugar, gluten, dairy, [...]

Christmas to New Year Boot camp

Christmas boot camp is back by popular demand! Every year Synergy Studio runs a Xmas boot camp every day between 27th- 31st December. The classes will run from the usual 10-11am, so you can get out the house, burn off some calories and get some fresh air. We will be varying locations each day between [...]

Friends free in April

Synergy Studio are opening their doors to friends and family members to try out their services for free. Has your friend or family member been talking about getting into exercise, but doesn’t know what to try? This will be a good time for them to try out a variety of training for free to see [...]

Thai Kickboxing starting Sunday 13th January

As a lot of you enjoyed the Thai kickboxing workshop, we are now starting the regular classes as of January. – The classes will be set up as a 6 week course to develop all your skills in kick boxing whilst getting a great workout and building up some self-defence knowledge. – The classes will [...]

CrossFit North London

Synergy Studio is excited to announce the launch of their new facility  CrossFit North London. Across the road from Synergy Studio (Tottenham lane, Crouch End N8) the CrossFit North London gym will be a class based facility providing coached small group (8-10 people) sessions for people wanting to lose weight, get fit,strengthen, post natal mums, [...]